Go ahead. let your hair down.



Go ahead, put your camera down, hide your cell phones and enjoy the moment.  While you're at it, let that photographer friend "focus" on getting the types of shots that will have him doing the funky chicken. Let us take care of the rest.


Wedding Films

For us, it’s a privilege to share and capture one of the most touching and extraordinary experiences of your life. We want you to keep all the moments of your perfect day alive forever.







1.lacking social grace, sensitivity, or acuteness; awkward; crude; tactless:

Their exquisite manners always make me feel gauche.


Wedding and Event Films


Planning is supposed to be fun, enjoy it, before you know it your big day will have arrived. Its all going to go according to plan, and you'll want to remember every one of those devilish details. That's where we come in, so you can show off showing off.

We know how critical it is to generate quality video marketing material of your events and promotions. These are the building blocks of your future campaigns, websites, brochures and social networks. We make sure to highlight just how unforgettable your event was.


écrire avec la lumière - writing with light.

Whether the image is still or in motion, our job at Gauche is to seize the moment; using light in the same way a poet handles words, a musician manipulates notes or a painter blends colours.

Gauche is used to the high demands of photographing your special event or blessed day. Much to the delight of our clients and your guests, we shoot and edit with a sharp eye; capturing every detail that makes the event yours. Whether you’re a bride and groom or you’re throwing a red-carpet event, we catch all the most beautiful moments and turn them into stunning, high-quality imagery.

Event photography