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"No Words can describe...

"No words can convey how talented you and the team are and how much we loved working with you! You captured every possible memorable moment and listened to everything we had envisioned and delivered beyond our expectations! Forever grateful for the video of memories that we will cherish forever!"

One thing we as filmmakers pride ourselves on, is that we are creating moving portraits. Every frame, every environment we found ourselves in over the 4 day duration of this traditional Hindu wedding, was vibrant with colour, with light, with talent, personality, tradition and love. Priyanka and Munesh will be one with memories that we will also cherish for years. It was incredible to whitness the two families meet from across the ocean and gather and celebrate as one larger unit of love and care. 

The cousins presented a Bollywood flash mob that was a thrill to watch, film and edit, so as a surprise we made them a little music video as a keepsake.


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